Sunday, 25 September 2011

My Story

Hi reader(s)....

I have no idea to post anything in my blog.But, I just wanna share something about my life during secondary school.Maybe sound like not interesting at all but i just wanna share only.If you don't want to know,just drive your mouse to (x) sign on the top right hand side k...

Ok, lets start...

When I was Form 1, I was very like a guy in my own class.On that time,I was very young to know what is LIKE and what is LOVE.Maybe that time i just like that boy.Don't want to mention who is he.(bikin malu,hahahaha)Maybe i mention  he as Mr.S only.We close as a friend and we both shy each other.But,at the same time, he like another girl.A girl from different class.I'm a bit sad there.But its okey.I'm just like him.

When i was in Form 2,there's nothing about like a boy.I'm just happy with my friends because i have been transferred to another class.From BIRU to PUTIH.(the first class).I'm proud of myself.

Then,when I was in Form 3,I like 2 guys from my own class again.So shit la.they treat me nicely but they couple with another girl.WTH !!!! I'll better to be single girl than be in love but only clap one sided hand.

Maybe I'm clever in study but i'm stupid be in love.Maybe God wanna give something more good than this right?I just believe and trust to what God want to make with my Qada' and Qadar.Maybe that's all i wanna share.Since that,I have been single for almost 4 years.Maybe others don't believe because 4 years is too long period right?.But i don't care.

Erm...~~till soon.Maybe next time I have an idea to post again.See ya...


  1. aik... aku baru tw sal ne! hahah.. share la bha.. aduh.. curious aku beb..

  2. jgn la bha. biar aku ja taw.. hahaha.. kin malu ba beb..