Sunday, 31 May 2015

Berkawan Tapi Alone (BTA)

Hi blog. How i wish you can be my friend but you're my friend. I mean you're alive. Aha. Nonsense. 

I do have friend. No. Friendsssss. But, kawan sana lain, kawan sini lain. kawan itu lain. kawan ini lain because peoples kan berbeza-beza. Right??

How I miss my kami genk, gangsterlicious, candylicious and c cantik c anggun c gojes. 

Here, I am meeting new friends but they seem far. I don't know why but I'm a bit awkward with them. This it because I'm too sensitive or I'm too not very care about them. Or I just too comfort to be alone?? I don't know. The more I know them, to more far they are. 

So, I decide to be alone than too bergantung dengan orang. Let me be independent without any helps. Should I? 

People said the more the merrier but for me the more the messier. Don't you? It is better to not care much about peoples just focus on what you want and finished or done it on time and back to you own place. Your comfort place where you'll be happy with them. People that you love and love you. 

Saya bukan mau cakap diorang not care about me but maybe I'm the one that don't want too bergantung dengan diorang. Saya banyak masa menyendiri. Mungkin sebab itu la kot orang cakap aku sombong, hati batu, keras kepala. Tiada orang mau tanya-tanya kan. Serve my face. 

I only talk or communicate to people hanya benda-benda yang perlu sahaja. In bracket important. 

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  1. miss you ewa..jangan sedih2 ada jodoh kita jumpa xoxo :*