Friday, 7 October 2011

things that i like

assalamualaikum w.b.t 

Hi Reader(s)..
its a quite long time again I didn't post a new entry.Actually I have no idea to post anything.But today I have something to share with you.That is the things that i like.Sound like annoying right?If you doesn't to know it,just [X] ya.The sign of x is in the top of right hand side only..

Continue with the things i like..What is actually I like?I'm interest with make up and wedges.Arrrr sound like I didn't very match with this two things right?I'm first interest with this two things when I was first time in university.People had said that campus life is different with secondary live.Its true guys.But the way of teaching and learning is just the same.Okey2xstop there..

When i'm in campus i didn't wear make up and wedges.why??Because I think I didn't suitable to wear it.But i like collecting them.there are the picture of my collection.. Tada.. see this :

moisturizer,cream,eye shadow,eye liner,lip gloss,lip balm,bedak asas muka,pemerah pipi.
ada juga terselit perfume.kenapaada dua perfume.. hahaha because perfume selalu tukar2.. tue la pasal..

wedges ku... black and white.Black last year.White this year Hari Raya..

(p/s : sorry cadar tilam nie kin spoil ja... kusut pla dia.. ndak sporting tul )

Okey thats all..See ya till sooon..With new post again.... <3<3<3

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